Toyota Land Cruiser


MODELS:  LC 200 GX 9 seater MT, LC 200 GX 8 seater MT, LC 200 GX 8 seater AT FS, LC 200 GX 8 seater AT LS, LC 200 VX 8 seater AT LS KDSS, Crawl, DVD.


In a world that’s full of hard knocks, the Landcruiser has the technology it takes to deliver a consistently smooth and stable ride. On or off road, it sets the standard for 4-wheel drive performance and handling. The Landcruiser’s reputation for excellence, echoes around the world. It has proved itself on some of the toughest terrain on earth and stands at the summit of 4-wheel technology. Drive it and be the master of all your survey. The Landcruiser has the GX and VX options in auto and manual for you to choose. A perfect harmony of comfort and control.



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The legendary Land Cruiser, a truely dominant 4WD vehicle has been proven in the world’s most grueling driving conditions, Land Cruiser’s advanced technologies let you explore with the confidence and satisfaction that no other vehicle can match.