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Briscoe Material Handling

Briscoe Material Handling Equipments

Briscoe Forklift is the sole distributor of Toyota Forklifts, Raymond warehouse Equipment and BT Pallet Trucks. It offers a wide range of forklift and material handling products to meet logistic and warehousing needs under the Toyota, BT and Raymond brands. The forklifts are available in Electric Battery, and Internal Combustion {LPG & AGO} models while the Warehousing Equipment includes Reach Trucks, Lift Trucks, Pallet Trucks and Order Pickers. It also supports routine maintenance and repair of forklifts and other warehousing equipment and provides warehouse racking systems

MHE Products

Briscoe Forklifts and Material Handling Equipments is the sole dealer of Toyota Forklifts, Raymond Warehouse equipment and BT Pallet Trucks in Nigeria providing forklift and warehouse equipment sales and after sales services as well racking services in Nigeria;

Material Handling Equipments (MHE)

images Engine Forklifts
IC Forklift (1 - 3 tons)
IC Forklift (1 - 8 tons)
IC Forklift (10 - 16 tons)
images Electric Forklifts
Elect. Fork. (0.7 - 0.9 tons)
Elect. Fork. (1.5 - 3 tons)
Elect. 3-Wheel (1 - 2 tons)
images Pallet Trucks
Hand Pallet (2 tons)
Pallet Truck (1 - 3 tons)
Motorised Pallet
images Reach Trucks
Reach Truck (1 - 2 tons)
Reach Truck (1 - 3 tons)
Reach Truck (1.4 - 2.5 tons)
images Stackers
Stacker (1 - 3 tons)
images Order Picker
Order Picker (1 - 2.5 tons)

Improve productivity with Toyota Material Handling Equipment and Warehousing Solutions

Excellent reliability, durability, stability, and operability cultivated by Toyota Forklifts will significantly enhance efficiency at your worksite. With a wide product range of material handling products to meet your needs, further enhanced by competitive offerings, options,modification and excellent support which improves both productivity and operator-friendliness in all material handling demands. Toyota Forklifts has improved its product features towards a greener earth, including low noise and vibration, cleaner exhaust emission design, clean energy technology,highly recyclable vehicles, safety and environment. The in-built System of Active Stability (SAS) is a unique, innovative function developed by Toyota Forklifts that helps to reduce the potential for accidents. Overall operational costs are reduced whilst adding value to the company assets. The superior quality product range is supported by genuine quality parts backed by world class services from Toyota.

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Briscoe MHE division offers 360° quality support through timely supply of spare parts and technical maintenance services. We effectively reduce downtime and maintenance over the life cycle of forklifts and other material handling equipments procured from us

Other Services

We bring efficiency to your material handling operations by providing exceptional services to support operations

- Service Contracts

- Leasing and Rental

- Racking System

- Fleet Management

- Parts and Repairs

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